As the UK begins to emerge from its lockdown following government advice about COVID19, many businesses are keen to get to work. As we tentatively step back into a post-lockdown scenario, we must maintain utmost caution towards our workplace safety, both physically and online. As we have seen hackers exploit the work from home lockdown situation, now too must we address this by asking the question: how can businesses avoid a cybersecurity crisis after lockdown?

Innovative technologies like VPN tools or cloud solutions have proven to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they have helped to quickly create a remote workforce and keep at least some business processes moving. On the other hand, they have opened new routes into corporate networks that hackers can, and will, exploit.

“All it takes is one misdirected email, incorrectly stored data file, or weak password, before a business faces a severe data breach that results in the wrath of regulations and financial turmoil,” said Tim Sadler, CEO at Tessian.

Employees are more than likely bringing new devices such as phones and laptops back into the workplace. Some of these devices won’t be running the latest software and security patches, meaning they are vulnerable. Others may have already been compromised, giving cybercriminals a virtual golden ticket that fast tracks their access to corporate networks. It is therefore imperative that businesses bare this in mind when their employees return to the place of work, On top of properly segmenting their networks, organisations could also consider introducing a separate “decontamination zone” for devices returning to a local environment. Here, IT teams can vet each device before allowing it back onto the corporate network, while still giving it access to the most basic service in order to keep operations running smoothly. This approach goes hand-in-hand with the final pillar of an effective approach to cybersecurity for life after lockdown: network access control.

With cyberattacks and phishing scams increasing exponentially during this period, it is vital that any business returning to work environment bares in mind the cybersecurity implications as well as the physical health ones. Contact the Kerbury team today to get a full health check of your equipment to check for repairs and ensure that you aren’t encouraging a healthy breeding environment for cyber vulnerabilities.

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