What makes hardware-as-a-service so important? It’s not quite the same as renting something. Business owners are finding hardware services useful as they become more prevalent

What is hardware as a service?

Similar to renting hardware, it shares some of the same benefits. You are essentially borrowing the hardware to use short or long term, returning equipment at an arranged point. What sets it apart from a rental is that you are paying for a service to support the hardware. Think of it as paying for the utility. So what are the benefits?

Hardware as a service at Kerbury

Low Upfront Costs

You can get the latest hardware up and running faster and cheaper than if you were to specify it, buy it and set it up yourself. Kerbury experts will come to install your hardware for you and make sure everything is functioning properly. This monthly flat rate means that it is easy to budget for.

Responsibility For Maintenance Does Not Lie With You

No worries if your hardware falters, just call the Kerbury experts to come take a look at it! Periodical monitoring will keep things running smoothly. What’s more, you have reduced downtime thanks to the ability to swap out the malfunctioning unit, rather than waiting eons for repairs!

Stay Up To Date With Latest Technology

When a new version of a particular technology arrives, they’ll be in charge of updating it for you, when necessary, rather than you having to deal with it yourself. You won’t have to worry about investing in technology that might shortly become obsolete because your provider will want you to be running as quickly and efficiently as possible – they’re incentivized to make sure you’ve got the best equipment for your needs and budget.

Unique Applications

Hardware-as-a-service includes things like cloud solutions or server storage that you rent from another company. You can pay to use their hardware rather than investing in your own infrastructure.


Hardware-as-a-Service allows you to operate to your full potential with minimal risk and investment. Luckily for most businesses, this is quickly becoming the norm and will certainly evolve into more productive and creative practices and services as time goes on.

Hardware as a service at Kerbury

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