Cybersecurity is of the upmost importance, and we are going to be busting some myths surrounding the topic to try and help you get a little wiser to hackers’ attempts.

1- I have security software, so I can forget about staying alert.

WRONG! YHou have to make sure that you are always up to date with spoftware updates, which may fix bugs and vulnerabilities that were missed before. Do the same for all of your devices, including your laptop and phone!

2- I can forget about being aware of phishing scams because they are always so easy to spot!

Phishing scams prey on human error, relying on your false sense of security to lull you into their traps. Never let your guard down when it comes to phishing, Very realistic seeming scams imitate big recognizable companies into which you may feel safe entering your payment details or personal details,

3- I only use mainstream websites I don’t need to worry about my cybersecurity.

You sure do Social media apps sell your data to make money, and that increase in cookies means your steps are being traced, making it easier to build up a profile about who you are! Security software keeps y ou safe and protects your privacy!

4- I’m not a millionaire, hackers won’t bother with me.

UK small businesses are targeted with 65,000 cyberattacks per day, with one small business hacked every 19 seconds!

5-I would be able to tell if something happened to my computer.

Hacks work like assassins, prioritizing stealth as their main weapon. Trojan horses mean that someone could lurk on you right now! Get it checked out by Kerbury right away!

Please do contact the Kerbury team today if you have any concerns or questions!